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Portal attributes

User attributes defined in a portal can be extracted and used inside your BIRT reports! Visioneo gives facilities to get both standardised attributes (from JSR 286 specification), and custom attributes. In this report, the given & Family name are standard, whereas the user office is a custom field created and filled from Liferay control panel.

For report developers, here is a complete in the knowledge base

Filtering data

These attributes can of course be displayed in reports body, but the most interesting point is to use them in data queries: here, the user office is exploited to filter sparklines data. For a demo purpose when your are not logged in, the report is designed to return all data, but of course in a secured context it should not return anything. If you have a visioneo.org account, Liferay is set up to affect by default all users to "Paris" office.

Portal attributes & cache

The cache management can be enabled / disabled in any Visioneo window through a simple portlet preference. This sample demonstrates how flexible the cache of Visioneo is : in this report, cache entries are user-specific because we make use of user attributes such email, given name and family name. If we had only used the "office", cache entries would have been automatically shared between users attached to the same business office!

See this report with external datepickers (professional edition)