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One of the very best TreeMap chart available!

  • Interactive Zoom-in & Zoom-out
  • Possible Drill-through to any BIRT reports for each node
  • Rich and fully customizable tooltips
  • Supports large trees with hundreds of nodes (demo up to 3655  nodes!)
  • Supports tablet devices
  • Customize as many color segments as you need, defined automatically or manually
  • Tons of configuration settings
  • Not any single line of client-side javascript to write!
  • Set up from a simple BIRT report with the Visioneo OLAP object api


  • Zoom in by clicking on a node
  • Zoom out with a right-click.
  • With tablet devices, we can also zoom out by clicking on the current root node, at the top of the chart
  • In this report, a drillthrough hyperlink is defined for each node at the top right-corner.
  • The toolbar may be annoying when we navigate within a TreeMap. "Hide toolbar" option has been improved: the toolbar is now definitively hidden, until if we click at the very top-left corner of the portlet window.


  • All modern & major browsers support this interactive chart: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. .
  • Older internet Explorer versions 7 & 8 are supported too. Transition animations are quite slow with these browsers, therefore they are automatically disabled.
  • IPads and Androïd tablets are supported, animations are automatically disabled for these devices.

It should be pluggable into any BIRT report server: Visioneo reportlet, Eclipse WebViewer, iServer, Pentaho, etc, as long as we can include the javascript framework in page headers.


By selecting a geographical zone in the "Root node" parameter, we can build a tree from 300 to 700 nodes, depending on the region selected. And by selecting "All values", we get a tree containing all nodes (3655 nodes). The report is designed to disable transition animations when all regions are selected.

It appears with this kind of node content (a label and a measure containing a drill-through hyperlink) the perfect size is up to about 1000 nodes. Though as you can see in this example we can largely exceed this limit, if we apply optimizations.

If you need to build huge trees, the proper way is to define hyperlink actions on leaf nodes to drill down to "sub-trees". This way there are not any volume issues!


With "Visioneo OLAP objects" API, we can design this kind of interactive TreeMap from a standard BIRT table in a few minutes!