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This is a sample "storelet" showing how you can take advantage of inter-portlet events in your portal! Select reports & parameters in the reportlet window, and use the toolbar option "Save report parameters". A new entry is added in the storelet: you can rename it, remove it and of course display the relevant report in the reportlet. It is important to notice here the reportlet and the storelet are 2 distinct web applications, only linked together with portlet events.

Build a custom storelet

This kind of web application is pretty fast to develop using any ajax framework such jQuery and the portlet API 2.0, you may want to develop your own "storelet" to meet exactly your requirements. In this example, the storelet can even store the report list in portlet preferences for each portal user, in order to have a customizable and persistent list of BIRT reports!

Events type

The storelet has a simple preferences mode to set up which event type is sent to reportlets. In this page it is set to ajax: when we click a report on the right, the reportlet is updated but it does not trigger a page refresh. Ajax events are available in the professional edition only, when standard IPC events are available in both Community & Professional edition.

Click here to switch to standard IPC events