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Note the parameters portlet arranged around the reportlet: this fantastic feature is introduced in Professional Edition.

By default when we change the value of an external parameter, reports on a same page are automatically refreshed. We can change this behavior with a portlet preference: each external parameter can be set up as "direct" or "deferred". When it is deferred, the report is refreshed by using the button of a "Refresh portlet".

This demo has been designed using each of these modes:

Here is the "all included" BIRT report you will learn to design through . It is based on the sample database "Classic models", and can be run in Eclipse designer as well.

99% of the work is a very normal BIRT design, Visioneo olap API represent a few lines of script and actions to include at the end to achieve this result! You might be very surprised to see how the underlying ".rptdesign" of this report is light and simple.

In this report, color handling of charts is completely automatic, by using a "Revenue per transaction" measure computed with BIRT. We can obviously set a custom palette, or force specific colors for some nodes.