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Secured parameters

Secured parameters

This article describes how to secure a birt report parameter

Secured parameters

A "secured parameter" is a BIRT report parameter used to restrict data permissions depending on a portal user attribute or a session attribute. For example in the demo report " Portal attributes ", user office is designed to be a security parameter. Parameter's value is set by the portal on server side, and we don't want it to be modified by any user action. Setting a report parameter automatically with a user portal attribute is explained in .

Secured property

With Visioneo, a birt parameter can be fully secured just by adding this user property in Eclipse designer: _secured

When this attribute is set for a parameter, its value must be filled from a portal property (see ): hidden or not, users won't be able to set a value themselves, whatever they do.

Displaying a secured parameter

Obviously secured parameters are not intended to be displayed in GUI since users can't change the values. Therefore most of the time report developers set secured parameters to "hidden" in Eclipse designer. However it sometimes makes sense to keep these parameters visible as shown below, in particular we might want to do this during report development and tests.  As you can see, a small lock icon appears on the left, warning users it is secured and consequently the selection won't be taken in consideration.
From version 2.1:
  • Input fields are disabled, thus there can't be any confusion because users cannot even try to set a value
  • Help text of the lock icon is more explicit. It can of course be customized and localized for any language, such as every other Visioneo and Birt texts.
If you want to see a secured parameter in action, open parameters window of the demo report " Portal attributes ".
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