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Report parameters & portlet preferences

Report parameters & portlet preferences

Visioneo considers that a report parameter is a portlet preference. In particular, it means users authorized to access to "Preferences mode" can dynamically decide to store current selected values as the new default values of the report!
We can also select which report parameters values should be stored in preferences. You probably wonder why on earth would we want to exclude some parameters from portlet preferences? Sometimes, the default value of a BIRT parameter is computed using a dynamic expression in BIRT design. We oftenly want to do this with parameters based on time: for example a parameter allows to select a month with a combobox, but we also want the current month to be selected by default.

Have a look at the example below. In Eclipse designer we setup a combobox with a list of months taken from a dataset, but we also select by default the current month:

If we store a such parameter in preferences of a portlet window, the stored value has priority on the default value computed by BIRT, and therefore current month would not be dynamically selected anymore. This is why Visioneo preferences allow to choose which parameters should be persistent!

Here is how it works: when we run parameters through preferences mode , a small checkbox appears on the left in front of each parameter. By default these checkboxes are all enabled,  meaning we want to make selected values persistent. We just have to uncheck parameters we want to exclude from persistence, such "Year" parameter below! This feature is incredibly flexible, it allows to handle your reportlet windows exactly as required both in community pages and for mashboards in private pages.

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