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Professional Edition 30-day trial

Visioneo Professional Edition provides a fantastic repository management for your BIRT reports, please visit the full list of features here ! The article below details how to install Visioneo PE 30-day trial on Liferay portals

License keys on Liferay portals

  • Liferay users can purchase a professional edition key or request a 30-day-trial from their Marketplace account
  • Prices are available at Visioneo PE marketplace page
  • Visioneo license keys are perpetual !
  • Visioneo PE can be installed both on Liferay Community (CE) and Liferay Enterprise (EE)
  • Subscription services are included in the price of a license for the first 12 months without additional fee . Beyond that date they can be facultatively renewed. These s ervices mainly consist in:
    • upgrading your visioneo application from Liferay control panel when new versions are available
    • a higher priority level of support
  • Two licensing levels per instance unit:
    • Standard license for production servers ( unlimited concurrent user connections)
    • Developer license
    • More informations in Liferay marketplace overview :
"What is an Instance Unit?
An Instance Unit is a unit of measure used to define pricing for certain Liferay Marketplace apps. An Instance Unit refers to a single installation of the Liferay Portal, which corresponds to one (1) Liferay Portal .WAR file."
"What is the Difference Between a Standard and Developer License?
Standard licenses are intended for server environments with unlimited concurrent user connections. Developer Licenses are limited to 10 unique IP addresses, and therefore, should not be used for full-scale production deployments ."


Request a 30-day trial key from your Liferay Marketplace account

Remove older versions

If an older Visioneo version was already installed, we need to remove it first .

  • In Liferay control panel ->  ("Application Manager" with Liferay 6.2, and "Update Manager" with older Liferay versions) -> Remove visioneo reportlet
  • Stop the portal
  • Check in your deployment folder if visioneo-pe-portlet  application has been completely removed  (i.e. in Tomcat: <Tomcat home>/webapps/visioneo-pe-portlet). If this folder still exists, remove it manually.

Install the application from Control panel --> Purchased of your Liferay portal

Select your trial key and click register

At this stage if you see a blank screen you just have to scroll up to the top of the page, select your licence key and then click Register

The application is being installed.

We have to wait a couple of minutes, because there are more than 50Mb to be downloaded. Don't click "Install" a second time! At the time of writing this tutorial, there is a minor display issue for applications requiring a license: normally at this point we should see a small animation " Please wait " instead of the " Install " option.

It might be challenging to resist the temptation to click twice this install button before reading this. If you did, the install should still work but will take more time, otherwise if you face to any doubt uninstall and reinstall it at the end of the process.

When "Uninstall" option has replaced "Install" such below, your report server is ready!

Your application is ready to go! In some situations you might need to restart Liferay portal to see Visioneo portlets appear in Liferay control panel

Alternatively: get a development license

If you need more time to evaluate Visioneo PE, please consider purchasing a development license through Liferay Marketplace: you will get a perpetual license, 12 months free update, support and additional resources such rpt-design samples.

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