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How to define a portal repository

How to define a portal repository

From version 2.0 PE, on Liferay only : birt reports can be managed as standard portal documents!  This way, we can publish & update reports through native portal GUI (for example through Document & Media portlet in Liferay), taking advantage of first-class portal features such versioning, team permissions and approval workflow
We could not dream of a more poweful and secured reports management than what Liferay offers to us through its document libraries. Note this could already be achieved in older versions by using a webdav network drive, but this approach had significant limits and drawbacks.
Here is an example of what we see by inspecting a report:

How to setup a portal repository?

We can setup a portal repository in no more than 2 minutes!

  • Create a portal subfolder as you usually do with your Document & Media portlet , and note its " folder ID " in URL address bar.  In this example we create it as Home / BIRT / Reports

  • Set access permissions as your requirements. In the screen below we grant access to all users excluding guests. Next we can of course set different permissions on each sub-folder in order to protect the execution of sensitive reports of a site.

  • Facultative : define a workflow on this folder.
If this is your first install don't bother with a workflow for now. I f necessary, approbation rules can be added ore removed at any time and can be different for each sub-folder.

  • From version 3.0, a configuration portlet allows to setup your BIRT repository from a portal UI
  • In older versions, we can setup "birtReportPath" parameter  in portlet.xml descriptor of Visioneo application and restart the portal, as explained below:

We just have to pass a valid portal folder ID in the "path" attribute, and set "portal" as type. All descendants folders are automatically included!



<value> {"type":"portal","path":"11467"} </value>


Done! This is all that we need to plug Visioneo engine to a portal folder: just provide a folder ID and your reports repository is ready.  You can immediately start to create subfolders, define permissions per role  and publish report-designs through Document & Media portlet!

Multiple sites in a same portal

Community Edition: Your BIRT repository is shared across all web sites of a company

Professional Edition: From version 3.0, the configuration portlet mentionned above allows to manage one repository per site, and one default repository for the portal!

BIRT repositories are fully segregated using portal security:  a user (even very malicious!) navigating on site B1 has absolutely no way to access to BIRT reports of site B2 if he is not a member of this site.

Multiple companies in a same portal

The support of multiple companies in a same portal is completely native with Visioneo Professional Edition!

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