Embed your favorite javascript plugin to transform in minutes a BIRT table into a powerful interactive widget! In this example we use Datatables : this great open source plugin has hundreds of options and should probably meet any requirement.
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As you can see interactivity drill-actions defined in the underlying BIRT table are kept intact! This is the key-point: it allows BIRT report developers to design the most powerful interactive table they could dream of!

Although this sample has been mainly designed to demonstrate how to embed a custom javascript plugin in a report, notice the quality of the native BIRT export to PDF and Excel formats.

The report-design does not have any external dependencies to setup because it makes use of the "Classic models" sample database of BIRT and the javascript plugin is loaded on-the-fly from a CDN: it will work as it is in your own Open Source Eclipse designer 4.5!

From version 3.2, this example is bundled in Visioneo PE. Feel free to get a 30-day-trial , install the professional edition and locate visioneo-interactive-table.rptdesign within.