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How to design Hypertrees?

Rich content of nodes, images and drillthrough hyperlinks are entirely managed from a native BIRT table. Most of the work is a very regular BIRT report design, we just have to add a few scripting stuff to convert a table into an interactive chart.

The framework developed "Visioneo OLAP objects" is a server-side Java API, not only a javascript graph library. Thus we can setup our charts directly through BIRT scripting abilities, and overall we don't have to deal with HTML or client-side javascript code. It keeps reports simple to maintain.

It could not be easier: basically, in this example we make use of only 4 methods to render the chart. A short summary is available in .

If you are interested in learning more about what those scripts look like within a birt report, the .rptdesign file of this sample is provided on demand: just request it at .

Like other Visioneo OLAP charts, a particular attention is drawn to interaction with native BIRT features: we can display rich birt content such images and hyperlinks (drillthrough) directly in graph nodes! Drag & drop nodes is supported, and an amazing "hyperline" mode emulates 3D effects.

In this report, color handling of charts is completely automatic, by using a "Revenue per transaction" measure computed with BIRT. We can obviously set a custom palette, or force specific colors for some nodes.