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It is very easy to create google maps markers from BIRT dataset records. Visioneo reportlet can be a perfect link between your data and interactive maps!


Bring your google maps to life with drillthroughs, color coding, filters and much more!


Click on the "Report parameters" toolbar option to open a selection dialog. See various ways to take advantage of  BIRT parameters: set a title to your map, options such a default zoom, latitude and longitude, and Filter your data on the selected year when drilling to an office report!

Storing selection

You may wonder why adding these google options as Birt report parameters, since users can dynamically zoom or scroll in the map. Visioneo reportlet implements a 'preferences mode' which allows to store these parameters for each user! Users who are allowed to access this mode can customize in their private pages a default zoom, center on their favorite location, select a map type, etc. to meet their requirements!


Markers can use latitude and longitude from your BIRT datasets rows (recommended), or dynamically use a geocoding service through API. If you plan to use the dynamic geocoding service, please check Google maps terms for more informations about limitations and policy