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State-of-the art report taking advantage of a Visioneo "OLAP tree object" in a BIRT report. It is based on real data and can display up to 4031 nodes! Click on a label to expand a node, or click on a measure value to drill to a dashboard based on meter charts, related to the selected node. We can also choose in the parameters dialog which measure to display, and adjust thresholds values to highlight or filter cities.

A particular care has been taken to the PDF version of the report.


All modern & major browsers support this interactive tree: IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. . It works perfectly with IPads and most of Androïd tablets. Though you might experience some display issues with Androïd 4.2, uncheck "Move on click" parameter to workaround it.

It should be pluggable into any BIRT report server: Visioneo (obviously!), Eclipse WebViewer, iServer, Pentaho, etc, as long as we can include the javascript framework in page headers.


By selecting a geographical zone in the "Root node" parameter, we can build a tree from 300 to 700 nodes, depending on the region selected. And by selecting "All values", we get a tree containing all nodes (4031 nodes).

It appears with this kind of node content (a label and a measure containing a drill-through hyperlink) the perfect size is up to about 1000 nodes. Though as you can see in this example we can largely exceed this limit, if we apply optimizations which make the report quite less simple to design.

If you need to build huge trees, the proper way is to define hyperlink actions on leaf nodes to drill down to "sub-trees". This way there are not any volume issues!

PDF Format

A particular care has been taken to the PDF version:  it makes use of the BIRT "Table of content" feature to navigate in the tree, and cities are displayed under each department in a highly functional, compact and visual manner. Give it a try!


With "Visioneo OLAP objects" API, we can design this kind of interactive tree from a standard BIRT table in a few minutes!

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