Showcase of external BIRT report parameters Showcase of external BIRT report parameters

Here is a Visioneo PE exclusivity: each BIRT parameter can be displayed in a separate portlet window! A such parameter automatically interacts with BIRT reports and other parameters displayed on the same page. With Visioneo community (CE), we can evaluate how these external parameters work.
Preferences of each portlet window allow to select which widget should be used to display report parameters, among many other properties. For example if you defined a date parameter in one of your BIRT reports, you can select here if it should be displayed using a native html5 date or a jquery UI widget, and control all display options such as a min-max date range, the number of months to be displayed in calendar, a display format, etc!
From version 2.1 , one of these properties "Extended config" offers a revolutionnary way to customize from your portal interface any jQuery UI option of these widgets, and any HTML5 input attribute !  This allows to design in minutes awesome application pages meeting exactly your requirements, without writing any single line of code! For instance in the screen below we take advantage of "minDate" option of a Date parameter. This option is described among many others at jQuery UI Datepicker documentation API . Navigate across our showcase above to discover just some of the countless possibilites this extended configuration offers!

Don't miss this configuration can be different for each portlet window: this means in particular a same report can be used very differently on different pages, depending on targetted devices or preferences of the owner of each page!

From version 2.2

  • HelpText icon for touch devices
  • Widgets are extended to 100% of the container by default. It results in a better support of portal layouts.

For example, most of demo pages involving external parameters take advantage of a "1-2-1" layout. In the page shown below , see the behavior of external parameters when the web-browser frame is resized, or when a tablet screen orientation is switched: