Dashboard sample for Liferay Dashboard sample for Liferay

Preview of a new demo dashboard report! Datasets are based on the database of Liferay 6.2 portal. Download a PDF sample

This birt sample is designed to be a reference for reports developers, showing how to implement a robust & secured web reporting application in a few hours with Visioneo portlet!

It makes use of the most advanced features including:

  • Pixel-perfect in major export formats such as html, pdf, pptx & docx
  • Interactive charts with drillthrough actions to sub-reports. For instance by clicking on a bar of the assets chart, we get a detailed datagrid listing all assets related to the quarter we clicked.
  • Report parameters filtering data on criteria such last-login-time, creation date of documents etc.
  • Secured report parameters (automatically filter on data specific to each user running the report, or allow all data when a user is an administrator)
  • Main datasource is plugged to a Liferay connection pool
  • Scripted dataset (get memory informations from java )
  • Polymorph : layout and possible actions of the report are slightly different depending on portal user roles
  • Pixel perfect : as you can see if you download the sample, this report exports charts in PDF using SVG technology. Consequently we can zoom as we like within the PDF document without loss of quality!
  • And more, much more!

Although this report is already deployed on www.visioneo.org server, currently it is only available for users with an admin role.