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Release notes v2.1

Release notes v2.1

Release notes v2.1 these are below the most notable changes

Pixel perfect: HTML emitter enhanced! (Community & Professional Edition)

HOT! A very strong priority is given to birt styles: portal css can't conflict anymore with the styles of your reports.

In previous version,  some properties such cell borders, background color and text alignment were sometimes overridden by portals, leading to annoying display troubles in html format. This issue is now fixed! Notice all report styles are carefully scoped within Visioneo portlet windows: they will never interfere with other fragments of your portal pages.

New default themes (Community & Professional Edition)

Have a look on the beautiful default themes embedded in this version:

Elegant loading fragment (Community & Professional Edition)

  • The loading fragment is much more discreet and elegant
  • Two simple steps "Loading" and "Rendering" (related to "Run" and "Render" BIRT tasks), whereas there were 4 steps in previous versions
  • jquery theme is fully supported by the progress-bar

Parameters window polished (Community & Professional Edition)

  • Parameters dialog's look has been polished
  • Minor HTML issues are fixed
  • Parameters are displayed in a slightly more compact manner. This allows  to display many report parameters even for devices with a low resolution, especially when theses parameters are dispatched in birt groups. For example, this organization chart has 27 visible report parameters! We can of course customize all this by adding simple CSS rules.

Here is what it looks like with the default gray theme:

Select export format in portlet preferences (Community & Professional Edition)

  • We can now select which  formats are available through portlet preferences, for each portlet window ! Notice the input field "Export formats" in the picture below.
  • The sort order entered is taken into consideration!
  • Here is a few samples to explain the purpose of this feature:
    • This report is mainly a data-table , which is perfect for excel exports. Therefore in portlet preferences we have just left format pdf, xlsx,xls,xls_spudsoft .
    • By contrast this report has a more complex layout and would be poorly rendered in Excel, thus we keep only pdf,docx,pptx,png,html .
    • This report makes use of an inline list which is only rendered properly in PDF and Powerpoint, other formats are disabled
  • By default, these formats are not displayed anymore: doc,ppt,ods. If you still need these formats for your context, then just add them through preferences as explained above
  • JSP export has been simplified, it can be easily customized

Furthermore, we can still invoke an export from any other portlet of the page with a simple javascript call visioneoManagerIPC.doExport('pdf') , such in this sample:

Edit mode enhanced (Community & Professional Edition)

  • New preferences introduced
  • A better theme support.

    Here is what it looks like now with the default gray theme:

Pagination bar fixed (Community & Professional Edition)

  • When Visioneo toolbar is dragged outside the scope of a portlet window, in previous version the pagination bar is sometimes out of range (-1 or > max page of the report). This issue is fixed!
  • Priority of the toolbar css order has been slightly decreased, so that Liferay menus takes precedence when it overlaps Visioneo toolbar.

Various CSS & Javascript fixes (Community & Professional Edition)

Many minor styling & javascript enhancements are included

jQuery framework (Community & Professional Edition)

Visioneo v2.1 includes the very latest jquery UI framework . This allows to take advantage of the most recent widgets and options, with a perfect cross-browser compatibility!

Lighter javascript framework: JIT disabled (Community Edition)

  • In Visioneo 2.1 CE, JIT framework is disabled by default. It results in lighter javascript sources: -20% => the whole JS framework required by Visioneo application (jQuery + jQuery UI & plugins + Visioneo core) is only 60 Kb compressed! If you need to use it in BIRT reports, just uncomment the JIT include in Visioneo portlet descriptor (for Liferay:"liferay-portlet.xml").
  • With Visioneo PE, JIT is loaded dynamically only when necessary, when a Visioneo interactive diagram such an organization chart is displayed.

Multiple default values of report parameters (Community & Professional Edition)

Setting multiple default values to a listbox parameter is now supported. In previous version, only the first default value defined in Eclipse designer was taken into consideration. Here is an example of a dynamic BIRT parameter having a list of items as default value in Eclipse designer:

Drillthrough with Date objects (Community & Professional Edition)

In  previous versions, we had to format Date & Datetime objects to pass their values to a subreport in drillthrough actions, otherwise we were getting a "Date unparseable exception". Fixed: now both Date & Datetime objects are natively processed by the drillthrough action handler. Below is an example of a drillthrough passing a date range to a sub-report in BIRT Eclipse designer. This screenshot is actually taken from the interactivity action of the "Assets creation" chart of this sample report .

A couple of minor issues related to Date parameters have also been fixed. Play with this simple dummy report : it generates a date range using a scripted dataset, and makes use of drill actions with date parameters. It is included among many other rpt-design samples in version 2.1.

Datetime widget optimized (Community & Professional Edition)

  • Management of Datetime & Time parameters has been dramatically improved!
  • Upgrade to the latest version v1.5.0 of the Datetime plugin
  • By default in dialog parameters, "sliders" used to select time values are now replaced with native html select. It results in a perfect support for touch devices
  • Any widget option can be customized (Datepicker options + Timepicker options => more than 100 options available for this component!)

Cache management enhanced (Community & Professional Edition)

HOT! With this new version, we don't have to clear Visioneo caches anymore when a new report is added to the repository or is updated!
  • As soon as a new version of a report-design is available, it is immediately taken into consideration even if caches are enabled. In particular Visioneo PE handles automatically these use cases :
    • A new approved version is uploaded
    • A new draft version is uploaded (see "Draft & Pending mode" section below)
    • Reversed to a previous version through version history of the portal document
    • Latest approved version deleted
    • Draft / Pending version deleted
    • Version state changed from draft to approved
    • Version  state changed from pending to approved (Kaleo workflow)

Concerning the Community Edition , it now also detects automatically if a report-design has changed by checking the date of the last modification!

Displaying secured report parameters (Community & Professional Edition)

Please refer to this article for more informations about secured parameters.
Obviously these parameters are not intended to be displayed since users can't change the values. Therefore most of the time report developers set secured parameters to "hidden" in Eclipse designer. However it sometimes makes sense to keep them visible as shown below, in particular we might want to do this during report development and tests.  As you can see a small lock icon appears on the left, warning users these parameters are displayed for information only.
From version 2.1:
  • Input fields are disabled, thus there can't be any confusion because users cannot even try to set a value
  • Help text of the lock icon is more explicit. It can of course be customized and localized for any language, such as every other Visioneo and Birt texts.
If you want to see a secured parameter in action, open parameters window of the demo report " Portal attributes ".

BIRT engine properties (Community & Professional Edition)

Configuration now offers facilities to customize many birt engine properties. Change these settings with extreme cautions.

#Default resolution of charts in DPI (96, 120, 300 etc. Default is 96).  -99 means BIRT will use its default value
#This option is related to BIRT DataEngine.MEMORY_BUFFER_SIZE  -99 means BIRT will use its default value
#This option is related to BIRT DataEngine.IN_MEMORY_CUBE_SIZE  -99 means BIRT will use its default value
#This option is related to BIRT DataEngine.CUBECURSOR_FETCH_LIMIT_ON_COLUMN_EDGE  -99 means BIRT will use its default value
#This option is related to BIRT DataEngine.CUBECURSOR_FETCH_LIMIT_ON_ROW_EDGE  -99 means BIRT will use its default value
#This option is related to BIRT EngineConstants.REFRESH_DATA
#Datasetcache might only be enabled in a design situation to speedup executions, do NOT enable this in a production context:

Draft & Pending mode in Liferay (Professional Edition)

HOT! Here is one of the most awesome enhancement of Visioneo 2.1: Draft versions of Liferay documents are natively supported!

As you can see below when a portal user needs to change a BIRT report-design through Liferay by using a "checkout", it is locked for other users and a draft version is created. In this case, previous Visioneo versions always display the latest "Approved" report version.  Now a new property allows to choose for each portlet window if  draft reports should be taken into consideration!

This new preference can be found in "Advanced" tab. By default it is unchecked, which means Visioneo windows still display the latest approved versions of BIRT reports. Most of the time we will want to enable the draft mode in private portal pages, in order to check if a new version of a report runs finely in a production context before publishing it. This way even if we made a deployment mistake such a missing dependency or a wrong datasource connection, this won't affect all pages using the latest approved version of the report!

It also means we can fully take advantage of Liferay Workflow with BIRT reports. If you enable a workflow on a portal folder containing report-designs, each time a report  is checked-in the status is changed from "Draft" to "Pending" and a notification is triggered. Then, assigned users can validate it in a Visioneo portlet window set in "Draft mode" before approving or rejecting the workflow task!

Furthermore working with a report having a draft status is very convenient even in a development context, because Liferay won't create a new version each time we update it: when  a new report is being designed in Eclipse IDE we oftenly want to preview it in a portal context, so we upload it dozens of times in a short period. The draft mode allows to work with a unique "PWC" draft version , until the report is approved!

External parameter preferences (Professional Edition)

  • The form of external parameter preferences has been redesigned. Please visit this showcase to learn more about what these external parameters are.

Extended configuration (Professional Edition)

HOT! External widgets of report parameters can now be customized through your portal UI for each portlet window , using the "Extended configuration" preference!


We make use of a classic JSON format:


  • Powerful : supports both jqueryUI properties and HTML5 attributes
  • Robust:
    • A property not recognized by a widget is just ignored
    • If the format of the extended config is wrong (a missing bracket,...) it is just ignored and the widget runs with default options
  • Flexible : javascript expressions are supported as values! See Datetime section later in this document for a concrete example using this

Many examples of using this extended configuration are given in next sections!

Extended configuration for Datepickers (Professional Edition)

  • All datepicker options can be customized for each report parameter with a "Date" datatype, from your portal UI! Please refer to this link for more informations about available options.



  • HOT! In addition to all jquery UI options we can also connect two datepicker parameters with "minDateOf" and "maxDateOf" options, in order to select a date range! Thus, users can't select "end date" lower than "start date".

It could not be easier, let's assume we have 2 date parameters StartDate & EndDate in a birt report :

  • StartDate parameter is linked to EndDate in extended config:  { "minDateOf":"EndDate"}
  • EndDate parameter is linked to StartDate in extended config:  { "maxDateOf":"StartDate"}
  • See this example in action here !



Extended configuration for Sliders (Professional Edition)

  • All jquery slider options can now be customized. A slider can be applied to any report parameter with a "Number" datatype, from your portal UI!



Extended configuration for Spinners (Professional Edition)

  • All jquery spinner options can now be customized. A spinner can be applied to any report parameter with a "Number" datatype, from your portal UI!



Extended configuration for Datetime pickers (Professional Edition)


The configuration below is used for the second outer parameter of this page (" Touch devices "). Notice in particular the value of maxDateTime option: it is actually a javascript expression returning the current time. Consequently, users can't select a time value greater than current time through this parameter!

{"controlType":"select","hourGrid":0,"minuteGrid":0,"minDate":"-4Y","maxDateTime":"new Date()"}

Extended configuration for HTML5 native attributes (Professional Edition)

  • Native HTML5 types such min, max, step, pattern etc. can also be controlled from the extended configuration field!


with a number parameter representing a latitude such in this report we want to set in extended config field:


Native theme combobox (Professional Edition)

This component allows to take advantage of web-browser native combobox styled with your jquery theme. Visit our demo page here with a touch device to highlight the differences between this combobox and a jquery UI combobox.

Refresh button enhanced (Professional Edition)

  • Render-weight set to 1 in liferay-portlet.xml
  • Inline styling removed from JSP
  • With Liferay, default style is set to a primary button.

This button allows to trigger a report refresh. It  may be useful when several external report parameters are defined on the page, if we prefer to trigger only one refresh rather than updating the report each time a parameter value has changed. For example this page is setup in this way: unlike most of other Visioneo demo pages, the BIRT report is not automatically refreshed when we change a date or a selectmenu item.

Visioneo logs (Community & Professional Edition)

Configuration now offers facilities to customize visioneo log handler:

#Enables visioneo specific logger. If set to false, Visioneo won't create its own logger. Logging messages are propagated to server logs

#Max size of a Visioneo log file
#Max number of rotating log files
#If set to true, logs are appended to existing files, otherwise files are replaced
#Pattern of the log file name
#If set to true, this should be a full pattern including folder and extension to be used.


BIRT engine logs (Community & Professional Edition)

  • In some circumstances with previous versions, BIRT engine log  file was still locked even when Visioneo application has been stopped or undeployed. We have to restart the portal to unlock this log file. Fixed!
  • Configuration now offers facilities to customize the size of birt engine logs

#Max size of a rolling birt log file
#Max number of rotating birt log files

Glassfish server

A couple of issues related to the use of Visioneo with Glassfish are fixed.

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