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Drill through

Click on a data cell or a total to trigger a drill to a detailed report in a dialog window. In this example, both year, month, office and selected products are transmitted to the sub-report. Depending on wether you click on a cell or a total, you will drill on different reports.


Click on the "Report parameters" toolbar option to open a selection dialog. The selection choices are persistent during your web session, they will be automatically saved for further requests. Parameters are deeply described in "Parameters showcase" demo section.

Back option

You can use the report toolbar back option to return to the previous report state. Most of the time it has been cached, and therefore displayed nearly instantaneously. The back option is useful when drilling successively to sub-reports. It is also used after a report browsing action, wich is available in the "Select a report" demo section.


You can export the displayed report in any of the below formats:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Html

Open office exports are also enabled but their quality may not be sufficient in certain cases