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BIRT charts

Birt allows to create rich and fully customizable charts.In this example, the Y axis is named with the localized selected measure, and X axis with the name of the selected view. The size will automatically be adjusted depending on the width and height setted in portlet preferences, and as you can see the "Aggregated report" section, the title is displayed only when the width is large enough.


Many interactivity actions can be defined within a chart, such a standard drill through action or like in this example a client-side javascript function.

Fast print

Click on the "Fast print" option in the toolbar to trigger a quick and low quality browser print. Most of the time, this native browser feature will remove some styles when printing, especially background colors and images. You can improve this in your web browser configuration by enabling the related option. In order to get a high quality print you must use the PDF export option


Click on a language icon in the above portlet to change localization for both portal, visioneo user interface and report content. Birt designer allows to localize any text element inside the report and parameters dialog