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This example highlights:

  • BIRT abilities to export data-grids into various Excel formats.
  • Reports pagination
  • Autocomplete widget in report parameters

Visioneo allows to activate this autocomplete widget for any list parameter of a BIRT report. It is a fast and ergonomic way to select one or more items in a large list. Keywords you enter are searched with a "contains" match

Search in IDs & labels

If you need to apply the search both on IDs and labels, you just have to build consequently the "displayText" expression of the BIRT parameter, such in this example.

Selection order

Unlike other multiselect widgets, the selection order is kept the same when it is sent to the engine. It is of course facultative to take advantage of this or not in birt reports. In this demo, you can see the cities are displayed in the same order as your selection. In parameters dialog, simply drag & drop your selected items to reorder them.


This component is designed to handle pretty large lookup datasets, it is much more efficient than a standard html combobox: in this example 3500 cities are available. However it is still a client-side technology: for handling a virtually unlimited list of items, we want to use a server-side autocomplete instead of this widget.